24×7 Pharmacy

Medication is one of the most essential parts of any successful treatment. It is necessary for a patient to take the prescribed medication at the correct dose on time as advised by the doctor. This is particularly crucial when a patient is fighting a severe health condition.

What happens if you find yourself with inadequate medication at short notice or in an emergency? Smvs Hospital understand the need for prompt pharmaceutical care. We understand how critical timely access to medicines can be, and we ensure that you have this access at all times with our 24×7 pharmacies.

The 24×7 pharmacies in Smvs Hospital at Gandhinagar are operated by trained pharmacists who ensure that medicines are well stocked, organized, and correctly dispensed to patients. The pharmacists are also trained in providing information and avoiding harmful drug interactions. These 24×7 pharmacies are available to service in-house patients as well as the residential communities in the neighbouring areas.